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Input Section

In input section of uPVC operations we decide the specification and requirement of the client. In this section we decide quantity, size, profile name, window & door type, profile type and all information we want to make a window & door design. All further calculation and measurements are based on this input section.

uPVC software input section
upvc costing


Costing is the second step of this uPVC operation where the quantity of the hardware and all item related to hardware are selected and price of hardware will be displayed according to the input section. costing is basically an estimated quantity of item to be used in this input. We can also add a factory overhead, wastage, and profit percentage here.


With koncept window maker software, In quotation section of uPVC operation feature, the basic rate of door or window is listed. we will add further information like tempered glass charges decorative bar charges double glazing charges etc.  and further more charges depending on the requirements and input section. We can also add discount and tax if any.

Software Quotation

Edit Quotation

This section is useful when a customer change its requirements after the initial sizes. The user can edit the quotation at any point to meet his/her requirements for the required window or door size.

Cutting Sheet

After the confirmation of quotation, our uPVC window and door design software will generate a cutting sheet to be used for the fabrication. the accurate size of frame, sash & screen will be calculated on cutting sheet.

cutting sheet

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