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Role Section


We have built user user interactions with security, simplicity and mindfulness. All your users will see only what you want them to see. This is the feature that comes out of the box.



uPVC-operation are the basic operation related to door and window estimation software. In our uPVC windows software this section provides great amount of accuracy and efficiency related to all uPVC operation like costing quotation and bill of quantities (BOQ).

Inventory Management


An innovative management system is a tool that allows you to track assets throughout your business supply chain. It prepares all the spectrums from ordering with your merchant to order delivery to your customer, making the map a complete product trip.

Production Management


Our uPVC operations software offers an efficient way to track products by providing adding product, type of product, production order & stock of product, raw material estimation & labor cost estimation features.

Manage Invoices


With our uPVC windows software you can easily generate invoices, bill of materials and issue slips to keep a track of your company expenses, Our software offers to generate invoices and to view list of invoices that is generated, so later on it can be easily tracked.

Allot Section


An allotment is the systematic distribution of business resources across different entities and over time. It generally refers to the allocation of shares

User Management


Our uPVC windows software offers user management feature which describes the ability for administrators to manage user access to various resources like Supplier, Clients, Employees, Clients & Supplier ledger, Factory manager ledger & Accountant ledger.

Project management


With our window software, now you can easily manage projects & vehicles with our modern day window and door software which offers a one click feature of adding new projects, allot vehicles, allot projects, projects list, machines, project completed (to mark it done).



Our window and door design software offer different types of reports like supplier payable report, Head office reports, expense reports, income reports, daily work progress reports and many more.


Manage Your Time To Make Things More Organized Quickly

Koncept-uPVC is one of top uPVC windows software for door & windows industries that provides software solutions to its customer's throughout the world. Our Window and Door Software helps you generate window and door quotations quickly, generate faster and more accurate invoices, produce more efficiently, and manage all schedules, from sales to purchase and production dates. For manufacturers and retailers / installers / installers of PVC Windows and Doors, Aluminum Windows doors, entry doors, Windows openings and much more.

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Our easy-to-use setup wizard will guide you step by step, so you can set up an account quickly, without special IT knowledge. It is no secret that traditional methods take months to implement. But do not be afraid! With Koncept you have started and are working in a few minutes.

Friendly technical support team waiting to guide and help you

Our excellent customer support will answer any questions you may have and help you fix things. If you choose a hands-on approach, you can set up a demo presentation and a dedicated boarding team will show you how everything works. We do not charge any setup fees.

Our security and privacy standards

Have a history of all operations attached to all documents (selection, delivery order, quality control) for full tracking. Your data is protected from a high-level server, your connection is encrypted and we use high physical, process, and technical security measures.